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Hopkins, Barvié & Hopkins, P.L.L.C.
Criminal Defense

Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation

Few things are scarier than facing criminal charges and not knowing what the outcome of the case will be. In criminal matters, you may feel as though everything is at stake. Your clean record, your driver’s license and livelihood are all at risk. In addition, depending on the severity of your crime, you may also be facing jail time, heavy fines or increased insurance rates. With so much on the table, you need a criminal defense attorney who will aggressively fight on your behalf. At Hopkins, Barvié & Hopkins, P.L.L.C., we have over 65 years of combined experience and we offer clients throughout Mississippi the representation they need at every step of the process. Contact us online or call 228-864-2200  to schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer.

Building a Strong Defense Against Criminal Charges

When we are hired to defend clients facing criminal charges we take the time to thoroughly investigate and prepare each case. We seek out all witnesses, research relevant laws and make sure we understand the latest legal trends. We aggressively defend clients who are facing charges of:

  • Drunk driving (DUI and DWI)

  • Traffic tickets

  • Disorderly conduct

  • Simple assault

When it is possible, we negotiate a deal with the prosecutor to minimize or drop the charges. However, if we are not able to reach a suitable agreement, we do not give up. Our clients need someone who will fight aggressively to give them the strong criminal defense they need, and that is what we do. Schedule your free consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer by contacting us online or by calling 228-864-2200.

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